Taiga or Epi for men?!?!?

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  1. My husband is almost done his PhD and I want to treat him to something special...I am thinking of a nice LV document case.

    I have it narrowed down to the Robusto 1 compartment

    My question is...Should I get the black Taiga or Black EPI???

    There is something about the Epi drawing me in...the only thing I am thinking is Epi not made for us ladies and the Taiga for the men? What do you think?

    Thank for your help!:yes:
  2. IMO that very much depends on your husband's lifestyle. Both Epi and Taiga look good but Taiga looks a bit more informal but Epi a bit more formal
  3. If your husband is really fashion forward, get the epi,
    if he's more conservative, get the taiga.
    I would get the taiga since it's a lot more traditional and timeless, cannot go wrong with that.
  4. taiga for me.
  5. go Taiga! :tup:
  6. YES Taiga for men
  7. EPI:tup:
  8. Taiga!
  9. I think Taiga is a more conservative and classic leather and is the more masculine of the two, though I don't see why a man couldn't carry Epi either. It boils down to your husband's individual preferences and lifestyle.
  10. epi ... most of my old epi stiff still looks brand new but the one taiga computer case [the alexander] that i got this yr is already showing wear from my most resent vacation ... customs officials dont care thats its louie :s
  11. Taiga!!
  12. Def Taiga. I really like this for men .
  13. Taiga for men.. it just seems much more subtle.
  14. Taiga!!
  15. Taiga for men!! My DH also love Taiga.. :tup: