Taiga line made in Spain?

  1. I just purchased a Grizzli Taiga zipped wallet today and inside it's written 'made in Spain' instead of the usual LV 'made in France'. Was I sold a fake or is that line really made outside of France? Thanks!
  2. Both my DH's Taiga pieces were made in France but it's possible they make them in Spain:yes:
  3. Did you purchase online?
  4. No I bought it at the LV store here in Venice, Italy. Inside it just says:

    Louis Vuitton
    Made in Spain
  5. LV's today are made in several places. They also manufacture some LV products in USA, Spain, France, Italy (I've heard Germany, but I've never seen those). So it's likely to have bought something "made in Spain" even at the real LV boutiques. The boutiques would never sell you a fake one.
  6. I saw many Taiga pieces that are Made In Spain, almost all the retro cherry blossom are made in spain
  7. My new groom cles was made in Spain.
  8. my boyfriend's Taiga wallet and key case are made in Spain

    are you honest-to-goodness thinking you bought a fake from an LV store :weird::lol:?
  9. i just bought my hubby a taiga wallet which is made in spain as well. the SA told me that for the LV boutique in my plc only carry "made in spain" for small leather goods. so no worries!
  10. has anybody ever seen a "Made in Germany" piece? I read that too, but never found more infos :shrugs:
  11. German LVs are pretty scarce, but i have seen a Damier billfold wallet once. so they really exist :yes:
  12. :yes: me too
  13. I used to own a porte monnaie cuvette in taiga that was made in Germany, so they do exist. :yes: It was bought from one the New York boutiques...don't recall which one however.