Taiga Leather

  1. We've all talked about maintenance on mono canvas, does anyone here own any taiga goods that would like to share their input as to how they take care of it, or if taiga leather is high or low-maintenance? Thank you:smile:
  2. I have a wallet that I use everyday. it's almost 6 months now and there's nothing wrong with the taiga leather, looks still like new, no peeling on the edges. just some creases where it folds. the only negative thing is that the lining seams to detach from the leather part, it doesn't make a difference when using it and when it's folded those 2 parts are together anyway (and it's not really the taiga leather but a lining problem with the glue I guess), so I'd say it's low maintenance.

    however, it's not treated like Epi, Taiga might be waterproof when you try some drops of water on it, but it could just be that it's still new...
  3. i've got a few Taiga pieces and i think they're all pretty low-maintenance. im not terribly conscious of my actions when i use them. if things get spilled like coffee, just wipe it off with a clean damp cloth. i even carry it in the rain and just wipe it dry and air it a bit when i get home. the leather is pretty durable and water-repellent. though some parts would show creases which is just part of the nomral wear-and-tear. here's a photo of my Taiga collection:

  4. how much is the original cost of a taiga cassiar backpack?
  5. I would say Taiga leather is fairly low maintainence, I have a black dersou. Only issue is that the leather creases a bit and the corner where all the pieces are jointed is coming apart a bit (about 1 mm and should not break or anything, it's just not pleasant to look at).
  6. I have the Ivan, I don't use it as often as I would like, but its a very low maintainence line, not much upkeep to worry about! I absoutely LOVE the line, I wish there were more products that would work for me but hopefully in time!!

  7. ^^Awesome Ivan Matt!
  8. yeah, Matt's Ivan... (almost sounds like a BF.) well he is gorgeous!
    but like matt said, i just wish they had more pieces that would work for me.
  9. Can any of you guys tell whether the leather is soft or more of a stiff feel to it? I'm planning on buying a wallet for my dh, and the only model that I'm considering is Florin. Since he doesn't like the monogram/damier canvas, Taiga is the only option.

  10. I find it pretty stiff, any one else care to share?

    How about an Epi Wallet? I use pocket organizers ( I have 8 of them) and I would never go back to a billfold! Check it out
  11. Thanks for the input! He likes wallets with a change pocket, so the Florin is perfect. I just wished they made it in the Nomade or Utah leather. He likes his wallet to get slouchy after some time..