Taiga Garment bag for PHH *pics*

  1. I'm hoping that buying my PHH an LV garment bag might bring him to the dark side! Here it is:

  2. ohhh Gorgeous!!!! That's a great idea. I am sure he will love it. Very subtle! :graucho:
  3. Love Taiga And Love That Bag!! Good For Him!
  4. Love it! Let us know how his bringing over goes :graucho:
  5. I just showed my hubby the pictures of the bag and asked what he thought and he said "I love that .... I want one". *HeeHee* I think he will love it. :love:
  6. great bag!
  7. :nuts: That is gorgeous :nuts:
    Glad to see that hubbies are so easily swayed to dark side.
  8. wow I love it, can women use it as well?
  9. Very nice. Congrats. I'm sure your husband will love it.
  10. oh very nice! Hm... I might want to get this for BF one of these days too. It's such a nice present!
  11. Great Purchase ... Luckkkky PHH LOL ...
  12. That´s gorgeous, he sure will love it!
  13. I'm sure he'll love it! That's so sweet of you to get it for him.
  14. Awww... you're such a nice wife! It looks great!
  15. the garment bag looks very classy, i'm sure he'll love it