Taiga colours

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  1. Hey just wonderin what colours Taiga has been produced in, I know they've had the charcoal, grizzli, ardoise, epicea....but did they ever make one in a light grey? Coz I saw an Air NZ pilot with a pegase 60 with a laptop case (forgot the name)...and since he was wearing their new Zambesi uniform which was light grey everything matched......I wish I had a cam...:drool: he was like in his 50s...but god was he hot!!!
  2. Ardoise = grey = charcoal, AFAIK, it looks kinda dark grey almost black to me though, not as dark as black epi, but still
    then grizzly (brown) and the vert epicea (dark green)
  3. did they make it in light grey? like light not charcoal grey?
  4. I'm pretty sure they haven't, you can always confirm with vuitton.com (contact their customer service). :yes: