Taiga colors...reality vs. website

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  1. So I'm trying to figure out, based on the image online, if the Taiga Leather color "Acajou" is brown or dork purple. I only question it bc the color tabs to the side are off dramatically on the Jaune Altair and the Ambre.

    My local shop doesn't carry much of anything sadly, so I rely on the website for accuracy.

    Thank you.

    (I am looking at the men's wallets for reference.)
  2. It's actually more of a dark masculine burgundy in real life although it can look either brown or dark purple depending on your computer and the lighting under which the picture was taken. I personally find it very pleasing to look at but if you don't care for the colour then you could always return should you decide to buy.
  3. #3 Jun 8, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2016
    Thank you...although I am aware of the ability to return, I just hate the hassle lol.

    I was kinda hoping it was more of an eggplant or deep purple. I love the bright colors of the Taiga Leather, really stands out when it's time to pay for stuff ;)
  4. It's kind of a reddish brown. I saw the new colors in store and they look great!
  5. Agree, already bought a Pocket Organizer in Jaune Altair...everyone that sees it, loves it. It's a great yellow/gold.
  6. I prefer Épi over Taïga but I have to admit that the yellow and orange colors look awesome!
  7. I've held off on Epi. I want more bright colors than are offered in the mens small leather goods.
  8. I am hoping for bright and bold Épi myself!

    These bright colors in Taïga won't last very long. My SA said they are only seasonal and many of them will go away in a few months.
  9. Yes, that was true for my Multiple Wallet in Toundra (emerald) from last year's collection. Can't find that color anywhere now. Love mine!
  10. I LOVE the orange Taiga color!

    I tried to talk my DH into it when he bought a new pocket organizer recently. But the orange was too much for him, and he opted for the brown instead. (It's a very nice, rich brown nevertheless).
  11. Acajou look gorgeous. I wish it had a purple eggplant look like it does online. Is the Amerigo wallet new?
    If only they offered Armagnac color for Taiga. :sad: