Taiga Andrei in Grizzlie or Ardoise?

  1. I'am thinking of purchasing my fourth LV bag. I'am really interested in the Taiga Andrei but I just can't decide on which color. Just wanted to know what color do you guys prefer for the Taiga collection. I really need a suttle bag because I'am so bored of the monogram now so I thought the Andrei would be a great addition to my collection.

    Looking forward to all your suggestions.
  2. I like the Grizzli more.
  3. My dad has one piece and it's in the Ardoise lol.
  4. Totally Grizzli!!! All the way!!
  5. if you're female, go for the Grizzli.
  6. I prefer ardoise because I don't like brown stuff except for mono canvas...
  7. Ardoise look better with silver hardware, go for ardoise
  8. I have taiga in ardoise, but now i think i would have prefered grizzli. i think the brown with the silver hardware is quite striking!
  9. I like the grizzli.
  10. :yes:
  11. grizzli. that brown in beautiful!
  12. i like the ardoise better just because it matches with more stuff. but it really depends on your wardrobe.
  13. I guess its Grizzli u gotta go for!
  14. Griz
  15. Criz LOL averybody likes the griz more and I do also