Taiga Alexei or Damier Geant Messenger?

  1. I am currently on my last day here in Italy and I was thinking of picking up a great city bag for school this fall (needs space for my laptop and some books). Those 2 models look the best to me but I'm open to some suggestions, please help me before I need to go to the LV store tomorrow :heart:
  2. Damier Geant Messenger, I think it's also cheaper than the other bag, but I could be mistaken.
  3. taiga alexei is more mature and luxurious whereas damier geant is more young and sporty. personally, i would pick the taiga. it depends on your personality i think!
  4. I prefer taiga..my friend has damier geant messenger, it's not as durable as taiga. I saw the surface of the bag has rough spot from banging..it's not as durable as taiga..

    Alexei is much more classy looking IMO
  5. Oh, wow! How gorgeous is that Alexei?!
  6. :yes: :yes: Alexei..
  7. I think Alexei is THE bag for school
  8. The Alexei is gorgeous but beware!!! I had it for 2 weeks and had to exchange it out 3 times because the studs on the strap on the side tore up the leather on the flap!!! Other than that, it looks amazing!
  9. i love the simplicity of the Damier Geant Messager, and i love the Taiga leather :girlsigh::tender:

    have you considered the Taiga Viktor? it would be a combination of both the Messager style and Taiga leather :yes:. i bought one for my boyfriend and he's madly in love with it

  10. get the Alexei. you can also use it for work after you graduate ;)
  11. Personally if U are gona use it after u graduate go for the taiga, if u can afford to buy another bag when u start work, GO FOR GEANT, had mine since July and I don't know why bagsnbags says it's not as durable (maybe her friends IS REALLY ruff on stuff) but I have banged it into bleachers, cement walls and been caught in rain (I have two, one for school/banging and one for traveling/time when I am more careful) and this abuse is all being done with the school/banging bag and NOT ONE tear or rip and the water spots didn't come on because I used applegaurde aerosol and there are no marks on the leather or the canvas, no loose strings either! I LOVE them TO BITS!
  12. i say go for the alexei...it truly is gorgeous.
  13. viktor is hot!
  14. Damier Geant Messenger looks really really good lol
  15. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I ended up picking up the Damier Geant Messenger, it felt more casual and I liked it better than the Taiga for school and everyday life, However I'm definitely planning on getting a more elegant bag in a few years when I start work.