Tahitian pearl earrings - need advice!

  1. I'm looking to get a pair of Tahitian pearl earrings and I was thinking Mikimoto rather then Tiffany's, but does anyone have any advice? Maybe somewhere else? These would be everyday earrings, since I wear my regular pearls so often.
  2. Not any advice, really, but I am partial to Mikimoto. I don't know anything about Honora pearls, but I do see them advertised in magazines. I think they have a web site.
  3. Mikimoto is way overpriced. You can do much better at a jeweler. Mikimoto is not always the very best quality either (and I have a Mikimoto Tahitian necklace). I actually found better quality larger pearls for a better price during one of Lord & Taylor's jewelry sales.
  4. Oh, I so want a black Tahitian pearl necklace--single pearl, but a big round one!