TAH DAH! My anthracite Paddy is here!!

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  1. Hi everyone here is the bag I was trying to get talked out of. So glad I didnt. Thanks everyone for your input;) I love being a new paddy owner!
  2. LOVE IT! Aren't you glad you got it?
  3. prettttyyyyyyyy
  4. very beautiful. i am glad that you got it, congrats.
  5. Nice!
  6. Gorgeous :amuse: Is that the dark grey one though? I thought the Anthracite bag had a silver lock?
  7. wow! very nice!
  8. Great choice:love: ! I can't get enough of the Paddy. Love seeing pics:smile:)
  9. Very nice! Congrats!
  10. looks great - congrats. :biggrin:

    Riana - there are two anthracites, metallic with silver lock, and non-metallic with brass lock.
  11. Yep, its a dark grey/bluish color. I did see a light grey with a silver buckel:biggrin:

  12. What - :amazed: a light gray with a buckle?? What kind of bag was this??
  13. Preeeeeeetty!!!
  14. Like I said in a different post ....... I am totally new paddys. It was some light grey/maybe light blueish but it definetely had silver hardware. You'd have to call to find out. SCP Chloe. Would that be the Muse or Mouse how ever you spell it?:weird:
  15. Yes, I think that would be the mousse/dove...
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