Tagullah-My new best friend!

  1. I just wanted to say thanks :flowers:, after the reply you gave me about still being able to find the Moka I rang around and have one winging its way to me as we speak, well it should be here by Friday fingers crossed! :yahoo:

    I'm so excited, i'd given up on the Moka, but now i'm one happy bunny. I keep looking at pics online (I've been drooling over Mischa Bartons for so long) I can't wait till Friday!

    Fingers crossed I get my refund for the baby paddy now or i'll be very poor till April,. oh well! ;)

    Thanks again! I owe you one.
  2. Congrats, so glad you found your moka:smile:
  3. Great news! The black quilted Bay I ordered yesterday arrived today! :yahoo: It's such a great bag! Much more beautiful than I thought. Well, I don't look as wonderful as MissEvil carrying it - but it's as good as it can be with the same old me. Hope you do not have to wait too long for your Bay!!! :tup:
  4. ^This is great news Cat! It is amazing how quickly in a short amount of time many of us have become Bay owners. No doubt about it - Tag has started a revolution! Mine is so lightweight and snazzy! You will absolutely love it!
  5. Congrats Cat!!

    Monsti - Modelling pics please?!
  6. Good on ya cat for getting the Bay you wanted. Post modelling pics when you get it. Have you heard anything from ASOS yet?
  7. Thanks everyone, i'm very excited! :yahoo:

    Hi Littleblackbag, I heard from ASOS today and they are collecting the bag tomorrow, so fingers crossed money back soon. They have been really good so far (touch wood) so i'm feeling postiive! Thanks! :yes:
  8. Excellent, sounds like all will be well with your Chloe karma :yes:
  9. Congrats on the new bag.
  10. :yahoo:Hurrah - I'm so glad you got your Moka Bay Cat - where did you find it in the end ? Did you get a good price ? Even if you paid full price, it's well worth it because it's a classic bag that I'm sure you'll be using for years to come...it's what I term an 'investment' rather than 'Faddy' bag.

    :flowers:I'm honoured that there's now a strand on the Chloe forum called 'Tagullah - my new best friend' and very pleased that I could help you. Always happy to champion the cause of the my favourite Chloe style EVER:love:.

    You were absolutely right about the 'Chocolate' quilted Bay too :yes:- I saw one on NAP today co-incidentally, although it's a slightly different shape to the Medium Quilted style that I have. I must say I prefer the Moka - it's a much richer colour.

    Hope you get your refund sorted out quickly and look forward to seeing pics of the Moka Bay soon:smile: !
  11. Can I have my status elevated to 'Quilted Bay Guru' now please :lol:? I reckon I should get a kickback from Chloe after my almost religious zeal :nuts:extolling the praises & spreading the word about this bag. BTW, heard back from Sacoche today that they STILL don't have the SSO8 stock in store or any info about what they will be receiving :cursing:. I don't think I can hold out much longer for that Pigalle Bay :sweatdrop: .... and since some of my Chloe chums (including you Div) have done a spot of enabling at my request (thanks girls:flowers:), I think I'm about to cave in :graucho:...
  12. Monsti - Congrats on the newbie:woohoo: - please post some pics soon - I bet it looks fab on you :yes: !
  13. Congratulations, Cat... I just got mine today, but cant do anything risky because my sister is staying tonight and this is supposed to be one of my secret bags...
    It is a truly beautiful bag... I was also encouraged by Tag's enthusiasm about this style...
  14. :dothewave:...my enthusiasm knows no bounds in relation to the Quilted Bay !!!

  15. And, might I add, it is completely contagious!

    I :love::love::love: my Quilted Bay to death! She is definitely my "go to" girl for any situation :tup: I'm now contemplating getting one in Moka as well!

    CONGRATULATIONS & ENJOY, Cat!!!!!!! :tup::heart: