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  1. Good afternoon ladies ... silly question ... how come some price tags have the horse/carriage and others only the word COACH? All my tags always have the carriage. I noticed on the reveals on this forum some tags are different.
  2. It may depend on the line. The Madison line has horse and carriage but the recent Legacy line did not.
  3. Price tags from the full price store have the H&C on the front. Tags from an outlet or FOS just say COACH. Usually FP items sent to be sold at outlet are re-tagged with the outlet tag, but not 100% of the time.
  4. Bags from Full Price stores have the horse and carriage price tags while bags that are MFF have the COACH only price tags...
  5. Thank you all ... By the way ... Czy mowisz po polsku?
  6. LOL, no...I am half Polish and grew up hearing it spoken, but it never really stuck with me, and Google translate is my friend...
  7. Lol ...

  8. Muhahaha!