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  1. I see bags with the little rectangle tags everywhere- brand new ones..... from the boutique, online, eBay.....

    what's the significance of these little tags? My Azur didn't come with any tags (JUST noticed) but my Azur Cles came with THREE! :confused1: and both were ordered from Eluxury.

    Anybody know?
  2. Did you check inside the pocket?
  3. I've always gotten at least one tag, but a few times with 3 tags... :shrugs: If it really bothers you, go back and ask for your tags, otherwise not worth the trip to go back.
  4. yep---- nothing..........................

    and looking at the Cles tags.... the model number tag is not split at the perforation...so that's why there are three..

    and it's made in Spain! that's cool- I wonder where my Koala will be from? random Azur meeting together in Alaska! now THAT'S an LV story!


    but- the tag situation doesn't bother me--- I just wonder about Elux and their return policy.. the plastic on the handles were still on (which I assume means they weren't taken off b/c they sew on the handles right after?) but if it was bought then returned the tags must have not followed along? *which could be used in a FAKE bag!* I sound like a sleuth... haha.

  5. I didn't get tags w/ my Multicolore, and I bought it from the boutique.
  6. Sometimes eLux and boutiques provide tags, sometimes they don't... nothing to worry about.

    Now as for the significance of the tags... one of them just states what materials/leathers were used on the item. There is another tag that SA's mainly take out and throw away, which are the price tags.
  7. thank you! *not* worried about not having tags... now I'm just facinated by these two pieces coming from different countries!

    (and different cows) haha~~

    which brings up another topic that I've concluded myself to.... spraying the leather and ending up with different shades...... they MUST be from different cows and different times, otherwise they'd be the same result?
  8. diff cows! i love it!
  9. haha~ ain't it!
  10. LOL... cows.. Isn't it funny that our purses were once cows, or goats?? It just seems odd to think about. Although apparently LV only uses a very specific kind of cow because they're less prone to mosquito bites :nuts:

  11. FOR REAL!!?!?! haha~ my Monday morning is just filled with laughter already!

    *probably because I NEED to be writing my 3 page paper on communiated bones + the integumentary system and immune system.... argh.
  12. "happy cows come from california"

    that just popped into my head. haha~
  13. ^^^ You almost made me spit my drink out. :p
  14. HAHA!

    it is quite funny though~~~~ our lovely revered vachetta is derived from cows - modified cows!?
  15. I thought LV only uses cows from Scandinavia? Because they have less skin diseases so there are virtually no blemishes.
    Also, I think the leaf (tabs) or anything that is heatstamp will take water repellent sprays differently than the smooth vachetta leather. That's why they get darker when sprayed.
    Nothing against 'Happy Cows' from California. I'm a native of the state and miss it sorely. :sad: