Tags to put on bags when selling?

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  1. When I have bought bags online from farfetch, net-a-porter and occasionally shopbop, there is aa black wire tag attached saying it must not be removed in order to do a refund. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy something similar online?

    I want to attach the tag to bags I'm selling as a way of ensuring if a return happens I get my back bag, so I was looking for tags that you can't undo they have to be cut with scissors and therefore kinda tamper proof? I'm not sure, what does everyone think?
  2. Tyvek wristbands work well for this. Try the bay.
  3. I just googled 'plastic numbered security tags' and this came up:


    Am sure there's a company somewhere that would actually print them up with your ebay ID !
  4. thank you both for these! lol i couldn't remember if they were called a specific name
  5. You're Welcome :smile:
  6. As a suggestion, would also mention in your listing that the bag will be shipped
    with a security tag.

    If you do accept returns, & if the tag is removed a return will not be accepted.
  7. This.

    Also as an added precaution you might want to take a picture of the tag attached to the item and mention this in your listing. I had to resort to this after a buyer wanting to return an item claim that the tag was not attached when she received the item.
  8. I did that when I sold some lv bag years ago , it work for me that help you prevent the bait and switch system
  9. Since a buyer can return a box of rocks and be refunded simply by showing proof of delivery, can anyone verify that Ebay will back a seller up over a plastic tie not being attached?
  10. I think it may deter the more junior scammers who just want an easy target but at the end of the day if ebay forces a return for whatever bogus reason (SNAD, fake claim, etc) a plastic tag won't matter.

  11. No one can verify anything except perhaps for a notary..and that may
    be what it takes as extreme as that might be...

    But putting a tyvek on an item may discourage a buyer...it's always
    worth a shot to due what a seller can do...
  12. I was anecdotally speaking re verification