Tags/Serial tags on Bbags

  1. I was wondering do all 2006 bbags have metal tags ? Actually I'd like to know which seasons have to have a metal serial tag for them to be authentic ? & which ones don't have one and have a leather tag ?

    Thank You Guys! :yahoo:
  2. slinks, i wonder the same...
  3. Wondering the same.
  4. Slinks---very good question! Hope someone out there knows the answer. I find it so difficult to distinguish seasons by colour. Very tricky with all the shades of blue, brown, etc...
  5. The easiest way is with the paper card with the year of production and materials...and if that's gone the branding changes to the tag and/or number length differences in addition to the leather color and hardware. Definitely not as easy as the season letter code, that's for sure.
  6. I'm not sure whether my grey Day is 05 or 06. It definitely feels like an 05. How can I tell by the tag? Thx
  7. I think edge coatings can be helpful too as they change them even when they call the color the same thing.