tags on an 07 Tomato RH Day?

  1. I just ordered a Tomato RH Day and was wondering if someone could post pics (or write the numbers) of their tags (paper tag with all the serial numbers) for the 07 Tomato RH Day.

    I'm asking because I'm afraid the person I'm ordered from might've confused the 07 Vermillion with the Tomato and might be sending me a Vermillion. I just want to make sure that I do actually have a Tomato so if someone could post the tag numbers, I'd greatly appreciate it!

    If possible, can someone post a picture of the tag for a Vermillion as well?


    (to mod: can the thread stay in the main Bbag forum for a few days? i know it should probably be moved elsewhere, but I was wondering if it could stay in the main one for now so I can get a tag picture. thanks!)
  2. Hi! it will have 2007 3 if it's Tomato, 2007 1 if Vermillion. HTH! :flowers:
  3. 1st pix. is Tomato Tag
    2nd and 3rd are Vermillion City and Tomato Day
    Hope these help :heart:
    IMG_4107.JPG IMG_4079.JPG IMG_4080.JPG
  4. You guys are AMAZING... I can't believe I got the answer to my question in less than 15 minutes :wtf:

    Thank you lady and andy!!!
  5. No problem, I hope you get the bag that you want ;)