tag team in Paris

  1. Have a wonderful trip!!! :yahoo:
  2. Go cxyvr!! I hope you guys have a great time and bring a Birkin home for us!
  3. UH OH you're still thinking about those 2 carat studs, eh?

    Hope you have a blast! Tell TammyD I say hi!

    PS And I was just going to ask you if you want to schlep to Chicago with me tommorow to meet up with Sarah-girl. Let me know if you change your mind
  4. oh yes...you are a bad influence.

    diamonds? birkins? diamonds? birkins?

    NO.... E I can't have both. I am trying to be a good girl.:yes:
  5. Well, have a blast and bring back lots of pics.
  6. cxyvr, this is such great news! I hope you really get to meet TammyD. She is a very nice lady :yes: :yes: IRL, of course.

    Hope to hear that all the other Paris tPFers, especially the VVIPs here, could lend their support to Tammy, and help her score her Birkin. Someone as lovely as her sure deserves one, or not a few. LOL
  7. Very hard to keep both in perspective, cxyvr. I sure know this for a fact :push:
  8. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. I don't even get the choice of one, so you you're one up on me. :roflmfao:
  10. cxyvr.. OMG another PFer in Paris when i'm NOT there!! bummer!!!

    Have a blast and get yourself a birkin!!! I wish i was there with you and TammyD!!.

    goodluck and keep us posted!!
  11. thanks I will remember all the advice you gave me on shopping at the mothership.
  12. thanks HG. I hope to come back to visit you in nyc soon. :yes:
  13. pinkish, Tammy did mention she's expecting to re-visit Paris in June (if my memory does not fail me, which often does) ~ hope that visit will coincide with your next Paris visit. :heart:
  14. Have a great time! IF not a Birkin, then maybe a Kelly?
  15. Have a fabulous trip!!!!!