Tag on your, scarf ?

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  1. Do you cut, the tag from your, scarf or leave it on, as fashion ?

    Of the scarf I have, from J Press I would, never consider taking the , scissor to but it's mostly, because of sentimental.
  2. I don't cut my tags off. All of my scarves are cashmere from Burberry so I consider the tags part of the product.
  3. I always take the tags off - I don't like how they look when I'm wearing the scarf.
  4. I remove the tags.
  5. i find tags tacky.
  6. I remove the tag as well.
  7. I don't like the tags but I leave it. I have some really nice Missoni and Burberry scarves..I don't want scissors anywhere NEAR them!
  8. I have Hermes scarves, and I take the care tags off;but save them in their respective boxes.
  9. I take them off but only because so far my scarves are all under $10 pretty much, haha. For anything very expensive or designer it would depend if they were a serious eye-sore that I'd take them off. I don't mind them when I see them on scarves, though.
  10. :yes: I do the same.
  11. i keep them on
  12. Keep the tags on all my scarves.
  13. i did removed the tags off of 2 of my scarves back in the day: coach and echo...i regret that i did that and haven't done it since
  14. Depends on where the scarf is from. If it's cheap, the tag comes off. If it's expensive, I paid for that tag and it's staying where it is!
  15. For me it depends on if the tag sticks out or lays flat. If it's small and lays flat, I leave it. If it sticks out I find it distracting, so I remove it.

    One of my weird pet peeves is when people leave those tags on the forearm of coats that say what the coat is made of. Or when they don't snip the thread that holds the vent together in the back. To me it looks like they're planning on returning it or something :shrugs: