Tag on the zipper pull of inside pocket, not outside the bag? Mean anything?

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  1. I received my recent order and instead of the Coach tag hanging outside the bag, it's attached to the zipper pull of the zipped pocket inside the bag. Does this mean anything? Is this a display bag? My items have come with the tag outside before.

  2. It could have been a display bag. Sometimes they will still have the brown price tag on the outside.
  3. I suspect display bag. I just purchased a Hobo at FP a few weeks ago and it was a display and the tag was on the inside.
  4. I bought a wristlet at an outlet and it had the tag on the zipper pull inside. It was in perfect condition
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. My bag did not have brown price tag.
  6. I agree with the others, probably a display bag, with or without the extra brown tag.