Tag heuer hot or not?

  1. Hey there,

    for a long time now I would like to purchase a big man watch. The reason I've never bought so far it is because I don't know if it's really trendy.

    I have this special interest for Tag heuer watches because they got great design and a former friend I had used to wear one and was so proud of it. It seems that lately Tag heuer released some of their men watches but reduced the size a bit so that they would become women watches.

    However I had this watch discussion at work with ppl saying to me that Tags are sport watches and wouldn't look good on a girl.

    Since I've spared for a long long time i have now like a 1-2 K$ to spend. So my question is do you think it is worth to spend it all in a Tag or should I rather look at Louis Vuitton watches or Cartier?
  2. My husband bought a tag watch about 2 weeks ago. I would def. wear it if he ever gets tired of it. I love the styles they offer and if I wore watches more often, I would get one for myself. I'm a huge LV customer, but I think a cartier watch or tag would be better. Michele watches are gorgeous, too.
  3. Hi there..I bought the limited edition "Uma" Tag about a month ago and love it! It's quite large and worth every penny:smile:
  4. You did?! I loooooooooooooooove that watch! Love Uma, too!
  5. I love this watch! Beautiful. I also have a thing for larger watches. I would love a Tag for Christmas, it's on my wishlist :nuts:

  6. Thank you!! It is a great watch. I highly recommend it!!!
  7. Tag Heuer watches are fantastic, sporty, classy, and worthy of your wrist!!! imho, i think they are a true timepiece as opposed to a fashion watch like lv/gucci/chanel though I am sure they keep time as good as the rest. go for it!
  8. ITA!!! Although, I would love a Chanel ceramic watch!!!
  9. i like the look of Tag, i do think it is "sportier" or a the very least more casual than something like a Cartier

    i lead a casual lifestyle, so that suits me perfectly...my Cartier rarely sees the light of day.

    but when i was working, i wore the Cartier because it was a very professional environment
  10. I love your watch shiba!
  11. tag is a good investment, you should do tag ;) i think either one you posted looks great
  12. I am not a big fan of Tag Heuer, personally. To me, their designs are a bit too sporty, almost to the extent that it becomes tacky. They have yet to really generate a "classic" design or following, much in the way that most of Rolex's sports models have (Submariner, SeaDweller, Explorer II, Pepsi GMT, etc.).

    I do like Panerai. While some of the Panerais are grossly large (44mm +), they do make some 40mm models, such as the PAM48, which are fair sizes for women. The other great thing about Panerais are that the bands are all interchangeable. They're usually made of croc skin, and come in all different colors from pink to light blue (this can be an expensive hobby....). It's elegant and classy. Umm, it'll run you a bit more than a Tag, but they seem to retain their value very well.

  13. I've had the same Tag for 5 years now and it's been infallible, it's defintely paid for itself by now.
    I haven't done the recommended tune up ever and the watch battery has only needed to be replaced once.
    Here's mine, the style just before it turned into the UMA watch I believe: