Tag Heuer : aquaracer vs link

  1. those of u who owned these two, mind to share ur opinions?? like which has a more comfortable strap, more stylish... and anything. thanks.
  2. I think the link model has a much smoother case and a more supple comfortable bracelet,it appears a slightly more refined sports watch whereas the aquaracer even with diamonds has a more chunky sporty edge and is not quite as smooth in its styling. I haven'nt owned either model but I've sold lots,does that help you out at all??xxx
  3. Hahahaha!! Cheeky!!! I am not 100% on what they retail at now,was about £1250. and £1450 for the link and then aquaracer,bargain hard and theres now reason you won't be able to get a fair bit off each one,depends on your retailer really Good Luck!!!!xxxx
  4. which style of bracelet design u think won't get outdated??
    the aqua or link?
  5. The link is the newer model,but I remember it coming out about 10 or so years ago,maybe a bit longer actually.........I was at Watches of Switzerland then.... I think its getting on for about 13 years old,its evolved a bit along the way.I definately think its the prettier of the two,and the Aquaracer is based on the old 2000 sreies which has literally been around forever!!!! They seem to be hanging about quite a long time so on that premise they are both classic really,now its down to your personal preferance,where there is no right or wrong!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. oooooooooooooo,thats lovely!!! I am an all white metal gal really,can't afford to start buying anything yellow now!! On the downside,it does'nt suit my skin tones as I am a pale olive,not a nice rich colored one,so yellow makes me look ill!!! And as we get hardly anything like a summer here in the Uk I went for white so I don't look corpse like nearly all year!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:roflmfao:
  7. I have this Link, w/ diamond markers and diamond bezel & mother of pearl face, can't remember now . . . I think it may have been just under $3k{?} I've had it for about 4 years and it's very comfortable. I'd recommend it for sure.
  8. wow... that is a true beauty. but for me, i wouldn't dare to wear it incase it gets too showy and thiefs might chop off my hand. hahaha :smile:

    and what happen to the alter ego? no more in production??
  9. i have link from like 10 years ago. it's really comfortable and unique. (obvously the style of the links of the watch is)
    still looks really good.
  10. I have the link - got it for Mothers Day last year - and I love it - but I dont like the way the little scratches make it less shiny. the jeweler told me to come in and get it polished periodically - which of course i havent gotten around to doing yet.....
  11. I vote for the Link...such a classy looking watch! I would like to buy one for my husband...one of these days;) [without the bling!!]
  12. ^^weird.
    Mine is 4-5 yrs old and I wear it everyday, even to the gym. Mine has barely noticable scratches on it, definitely not a negative to me, I wouldn't notice them unless I was inspecting closely.
    Also I've only had to replace the battery once in 4-5 yrs:biggrin: