Tag difference on Fall 06 Work

  1. Sorry...I didn't know where to put this....not sure if we document bag detail differences.

    The interior tag on my Fall 06 Sapin:
    - the 926 on the silver tag is much bigger than before and you can clearly read the numbers
    - the thread used on all four sides of the leather tag is the same color as the bag. In my Spring 06 and Fall 05 bags, the top thread is black and the other three sides have thread the same color as the bag.
  2. oh my it will be harder to detect fake b bags in ebay with that one color thread going heeeeheeehee
  3. Could you post a photo? Thanks.
  4. not to confuse you'all... but yes, my fall 06 white first has larger 925 sign on corner , but it still has black stitching on top.:heart:
  5. It Kinda looks like there's black stitching on the top of the tag on the sapin....

    But maybe that's just me seeing things???