tadpolenyc isnt the only one with a mbymj ladybug!

  1. :smile:

    i was shopping at bloomies this morning, and i happen to find the very last chocolate mbmj ladybug. so i had to have it.

    the cash register was right next to the mbmj bags, and since im such a big peple watcher, i was watching this mother-daughter duo look at the bags, to see their reactions. the daughter was so bratty, not to mention she was sporting the most heinous coach bag i've ever seen. she picked up the turnlock posh super k bag and said to her mother "this is stupid. and retarded". it made me really laugh.

    well, anyway, heres a picture of the ladybug.
    ps- thanks for being an enabler tadpolenyc! :tup:

  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Stupid AND retarded?!?! That must be one heck of a bag!
    Love your ladybug & glad you got the last one!
  3. What a brat!! Well, I'd rather have her hanging out in the Coach forum than over here with my sweet gals!

    Congrats! It's so darling. Here's a big pic for everyone to drool over!

  4. Sooo darling!!! LOVE it!
  5. So cute! I want one too! It is sad that the daughter was so bratty with bad taste to boot. :smile:
  6. haha! congrats! what a coincidence. i was at bloomingdale's today too. there were no bratty young girls around, but plenty of standoffish sales people and obnoxious background music. i'm glad your shopping excursion had a happy ending though. it's always a pleasure to do some quality enabling.
  7. mmm.. yummy chocolate.
  8. you got that right :smile:
  9. so cute
  10. :love::love:
  11. That is just so adorable!! I love it!

  12. Is the name of this color actually chocolate or is it called stone??? I thought it only came in cream and stone but I hope Im wrong! LOL!
  13. ^no, the label said "chocolate". i did see it in stone and cream as well. :smile:
  14. Congratulations.