Tadelakt vs. Box

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  1. Just returned from the mothership with a view to buying a bag in box.

    SA informed that it is hard to come by box leather these days as the leather quality is deteriorating, thus it is more difficult to get a large bag made in box. Even if box is available, they only make brown or black, but not rouge H or indigo or other light colors anymore. Seems like box is equally hard to get like barenia now.

    My SA suggested me to take Tadelakt. I read groupie leather book and also found Tadelakt there. I need more expert advice here (thanks in advanced).

    Besides Tadelakt is more 'matte' than box, does it have the same characteristic as box leather, eg. will it develop a nice patina like Box does? After spa treatment, can tadelakt look like new the way that box does?

    What other difference between tadelakt and box?

  2. I would like to know as well...
  3. Not an expert, but I think tadelakt is the 'supporting leather' to barenia since barenia's waitlist is endless.
    It's prone to show striations, scratches and markings similar to barenia but the feel is not as rich and velvety.
    Not sure how this refurbishes.
  4. Not an expert, but I think tadelakt is the 'supporting leather' to the barenia demand since barenia's waitlist is endless.
    It's prone to show striations, scratches and markings similar to barenia but the feel is not as rich and velvety.
    Not sure how this refurbishes.

    :P experts, please correct me if I am wrong :P
  5. I have a box kelly and tadelakt bracelets. I would think because of the matte finish of tadelakt it would not patina over time like box leather does. I'm not sure how well Hermes could refurbish the leather if it gets scratched though, did your SA give any idea?
  6. No. My SA only told me the two leathers are similar. All in all, it cannot replace box....
  7. My personal experience with Tadelakt is that light scratches can be easily buffed out with leather cream (it's still too young to go for spa). The leather is not totally matte as there is a slight sheen to it but my feel is that Tadelakt would not achieve the same level of "shine" as Box patina. If I'm not mistaken, this leather is rather new, only introduced the last couple of years. How it would pan out, I guess only time will tell.

    ETA : IMO, it cannot replace box. Box is Box.
  8. Hmmm ... another reason for us to hunt for Vintage box;)

    Dear footlocker, how was Paris? did you manage to score any bags? ;)
  9. ITA w ms piggy about box and tadelakt.
    Coll has a kelly in tadelakt, seems more prone to get scratchez thn her box Constance. But i notice they do gt lighter. I will think tadelakt more like chamonix In outlook, but does nt feel the same. Chamonix does not feel velvety
  10. Box: the leather quality is not deteriorating. There is just one supplier that Hermes works with and there are issues over cost. Its is just like exotics............Hermes buys the best skins. If they cant get them for whatever reason that limits availability of bags and other goods. The quality is just a selling tool right now to steer people toward tadelakt and epsom and other widely available leathers. Tadelakt has more is a brushed finish and is better to restore than anything textured but it isnt box. anything that can be polished smooth-is easy to refurbish than anything with any kind of texture or non- "hard" finish.
  11. I have 2 bags in Tadelakt (Kelly Cut and Medor) and 2 in Box (Birkin and Kelly), and I would say: if you love Box, hold out for Box!
    Apologies to Tadelakt fans, but to me, Tadelakt has the fragility of Box without the compensatory beauty, sheen, luscious smell or feel. If you have a choice - don't settle!
  12. Footlocker, what size and color are you looking for in box? Crystals Las Vegas has had a 32cm box Kelly in Blue de Prusse for awhile and they can't sell it because it is box! The Blue de Prusse in box almost looks Indigo. I checked it out and it's very nice, you might want to give them a call to see if it's still available.
  13. the BdP in box sounds HEAVENLY! that would acquire a nice patina over time! somebody should GET it!
  14. Hi DA Club

    Thanks. Your bag ia truly yummy. Box + sellier ia my taste. Can it be bigger and become 40? 32 is small for a guy. Heehee
  15. I am reviving this thread....

    wondering: how can you tell from the look of a bag whether it is made in box or tadelakt if brand new?

    I had a funny experience with an SA yesterday. There were two illico on display, one is fauve and one in agile. From the look of the leather, I cannot identify if it is box or tadelakt and I can only tell it is tadelakt because of the color. SA said the fauve one is made in box and the agile one in tadelakt. I thought differently. I know fauve cannot be box as box does not have this color. So at the end, I am right. Both were made in tadelakt.