tadelakt leather

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  1. anyone know if this leather is being used for birkins and kellys? how large a bag have you seen it in?
  2. I am no expert but I am almost certain it´s not used for bags. I have the large Vision agenda which I have not used but just by sitting in my bag (a bag inside my Birkin) has made imprints on its leather. I would certainly be scared out of my mind buying anything larger than a bracelet in tadelakt!

  3. I saw a GORGEOUS Birkin in tadelact leather on ebay, but was told my SA that's it's usually for small leather goods?

    The Birkin I saw was either a 35 or maybe an HAC in 32....
  4. I've seen it for Kelly cuts at FSH but that's it for bags.
  5. It's made in paris bombay too.
  6. I saw a 35 kelly at FSH. The color was fauve and it had white contrast stitching. Sold very fast. The color in that leather looked similar to the barenia natural color. I was tempted but really have no idea how this leather will look over time.
  7. I, like posted earlier, have the vision agenda which now has imprints on it from not even being used! I wonder if I can make them go away by doing something?
  8. I too have an agenda in this leather--a gm in poussiere (sp?). It has a few surface scuffs. I think any bag would be vulnerable to this. I do not know enough about the leather to know how it would patina over time.
  9. thanks...mine are not actually scratches but it must have been laying against something...thus getting the impints...well...no biggie, just means I don´t need to treat it carefully,lol!
  10. LQYB has a Kelly 35 rotourne in Violet Tadelakt (pic below).

    I believe bigger bags (especially Birkins) are not easily available (and may have to be special ordered). I personally have seen a Kelly 32 rotourne in Fauve with white stitchings (smaller sister to the one Perigord saw). It looks very very close to natural Barenia but is significantly lighter.

  11. ^^^
    stunning Kelly!

  12. I have an orange Globe Trotter in Tadelakt, which I have been using everyday for about 7 months now. I haven't been overly careful with it and surprisingly it hasn't got any imprints nor scratches on it.
    Must admit though that I would be scared to have a handbag in Tadelakt, it is so soft and smooth.
    LQYB's Kelly is gorgeous in Violet Tadelakt!!! Tadelakt looks great in strong colors like that, also my GB is a really bright and strong orange!
  13. ^^^
    ahhhh, a globetrotter in strong orange, gorgeous!!!

  14. I've seen a Paris-Bombay Bag in Tadelakt :yes:.
  15. wow............mindboggling:nuts::heart: