tadelak anyone?

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  1. Do you have any info on the new lather Tadelak? I have seen small objects, but does H makes birkins in tadelak too?:confused1:
  2. I think angel has a Birkin in tadelakt and I've seen a Kelly, so they definitely make bags of it.
  3. Good question.....I wanted to know if it is similar to swift. It appears to be a smooth leather.
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    Thank you! I made a research but couldn't find anything.
  5. I would like to know that too:confused1:
  6. saw a jige in tadelak. in griolet no less! it was really gorgeous. for some reason.. dunno if it's the leather or the colour. u could see the veining. which is great on H products IMO. it's sheen is shinier than box. but b/c it was so smooth, can't bear to buy it because it won't go any further than the box. the leather seemed to precious to scratch!
  7. Costa, I saw the swatch some time ago, and I remember that my SA desribed it a as mix between Box and Swift: not as shiny as Box and softer.....Actually I asked your SA yesterday about Tadelakt and Veau Sikim, she said that she's only seen Tadelakt in accessories. But I also remember Angel's Tadelakt Birkin, so I really don't know. But it should be a very interesting leather! We can enquire further when we go together, I have to go this coming week to decide on the shawls!
  8. Tadelakt does seem to be a hybrid of box and swift. I have seen several clutches in this leather, but no larger bags as of yet.
  9. I have seen/touched it in small accessories and as a leather swatch in the new colors--my sense is that it feels like a cross btwn box and swift as mentioned above; I was told that it was supposed to be a cross between box and barenia; and was also told that it would be made into larger pieces this year.
  10. I have seen this leather in the leather book & it is very similar to Swift. In the book, it was right next to the Swift & I would not have known it was different had I not seen the label.

    It looks & feels like a really lovely leather.
  11. I know angel has a Tadelakt Birkin. I have a small wallet in Tadelakt and used it daily. I don't really like this leather. It didn't take the abuse too well the way Swift did, and unlike Box, the scratches are much more visible.
  12. ^^^Great info!
  13. I have a Jige Élan in Tadelakt - color is violet.
    It is a beautiful leather, just as described above.
    I am very pleased with the way it looks in the Jige Élan.
  14. I feel that it is similar to Swift, but has more grain, sort of like a softer version of Evergrain.
  15. I was told Tadelakt is new Box without the high maintenance. I've heard a couple of SA's calling it super-Box. I have seen a swatch and it has a beautiful sheen to it and was much less shiny than Box but equally as smooth.

    I thought it was beautiful but wouldn't risk it with the rain we get over here