Tadaaaaa ! Since my first purchase .... 3 scarves, 5 twillies, many goodies

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  1. Hi everyone, it has been a fun journey being bit by hermes bug, and I had enormous fun exploring variety of leathers (chevre and togo being my favourites). I like slouchy bags and textured leather, so not Hermes bags planned yet, but I was overwhelmed with beauty and functionality of small goodies.

    Scarves are amazing, but of course, cashmere stoles in these designs would be my preference, however, that would require much larger spending...not ready now

    Karo is desperatelly needed to organize small bits, but when I find the one I would use the best.

    For now, scarves, rings, twillies and goodies, combined with some Bottega, Mulberry, YSL and Balenciaga in similar colours.
    P1170023.JPG P1170025.JPG P1170026.JPG user101507_pic97204_1349596330.jpg P1170005.JPG P1170006.JPG P1170007.JPG P1170014.JPG P1170016.JPG P1170018.JPG
  2. Oh wow! All these cute little things! Congrats to your collection!
  3. wow, love your collection! well done...
  4. Love everything!!! I love twillys and pocket squares...you can wear them even in hot weather:smile:
  5. Very colorful..:loveeyes: congrats.
  6. Gorgeous colourful collection:smile: such happy colours:smile:
  7. i love your collection!
  8. Love your rainbow collection of leather goods. Your silk collection is beautiful as well! enjoy!
  9. Congrats on all your purchases vesna and welcome to the silky side! ;) I especially love your Mécanique du Temps; been thinking about getting that same colorway myself. Such pretty pictures too of your SLG rainbows. Thanks for posting.
  10. What a lovely collection. I really like that you have them in different pretty colours and they are functional to your daily life. Cool! :smile:
  11. Welcome to the orange side. You have some lovely items in your collection!
  12. What delightful pieces of candy! I love your scarf choices and especially the colors. What fun!!
  13. You have the 'makes me smile' colors!
  14. My Heaven. I just had an accessory-gasm. These colors and items will be fueling me dreams tonight!!
  15. thanks Bjorn :smile:

    they are sooo happy, unbelievable feeling since I have them when I work and go around, I always open the bag to take and look at something :smile:

    thanks a lot ;)

    I love them all but twillies are most fun :biggrin:

    I am teaching, meeting ..speaking as guest everywhere, so for every detail for work I have a small goodie that is perfect for it..I sold the ones which did not fit well, all I need is now a nice Karo or two to keep them nicely organized...but that menas "sinking deep into the orange side" :P

    That scarf is, as you know, for myself and my research topic, the Lincoln one "Musique des Spheres" is joined my husband and mine, he is a classical musician and I am Pythagora's "student" so it has both of us in it :smile:

    that is the true dark side , the orange side, indeed, I am selling some fine pieces I had and did not use often, just to get a small post-it case or Kalvi :graucho:

    thanks a lot sparkle :biggrin:

    true, exactly what hermes SA told me in Honolulu when I was choosing perfume travel refill case - take orange, it makes me smile :biggrin: