Tadaaa My Cabas Raye GM is here!

  1. Well, I missed UPS guy yesterday and finally today he redelivered the bag . Here she is---The cruise collection Cabas Raye GM... It is much prettier IRL than from pic. The denim is soft, roommy and the shoulder strap is adjustable. Oh...the lining is warmy yellow and the charm is gorgeous. You can take one off to use separately. Love it!:yahoo:
    IMG_0912.JPG IMG_0913.JPG IMG_0914.JPG IMG_0911.JPG IMG_0915.JPG
  2. Sooo f-ing hot! Congrats!!!
  3. Congratulations!!!
  4. GORGEOUS BABE, just plainly simply outstandingly beautiful.
  5. Oh my ....... :yahoo: That bag is HOT! Congrat's.
  6. Wow!!Congrats and enjoy this hot bag!
  7. What charms are those attached to the bag?:drool:
  8. :nuts: Congrats!!! LOVE IT!!:love:
  9. HOT..HOT..congrats..can you take the pics carrying this beauty??
  10. WOW Congrats! Love the charms.
  11. ohh i love it!! congrats!!!
  12. Wow.... That is 1 gorgeous bag....:love:Are the charms all gold tone? Are you going to model it for us?:confused1:

  13. congrats...i love the charms!
  14. NICE!! I should be getting my cruise bag tomorrow!!
  15. I saw it today...MASSIVE! but congrats tho!