Tadaa... my denim squirrel spy!

  1. Just received my new denim squirrel spy today. Am so excited and i LOVE the bag so much. The pictures do not do justice. Thanks to all tPFers who helped me in deciding which spy bag to get in my previous thread. At first i bought a medallion spy which i still like it and now finally i found my dream spy:nuts: and especially i wanna say thank you to baglady.1, Saich2, and Litigatrix for helping me so much. without you all, i wouldn't be able to go ahead with this bag. MANY THANKS baglady.1, Saich2 and Lit:yahoo::love::flowers: I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!:heart:
    By the way, seems like i'm addicted to the spy bag and am thinking on which colour to get for my next spy:sweatdrop:
    my denim squirrel spy 004.JPG my denim squirrel spy 005.JPG my denim squirrel spy 006.JPG my denim squirrel spy 007.JPG
  2. Gorgeous bag. Enjoy it.
  3. So glad it work out, love the sparkle on the bag, its stunning. :yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Beautiful Squirrel Spy! :love: So happy it worked out for you, you worked on this addition to your collection quite a while....:tup: And BTW, welcome to the addiction! :yahoo:
  5. Beautiful.
  6. very pretty -- congrats!
  7. Glad you were able to find your dreambag! Congrats, very pretty!
  8. it's beautiful!! I am also contemplating which spy to add to my collection..and was considering the dark denim spy. You'll hafta keep me posted with reminders of how beautiful yours is!!
  9. Ooh! Congrats!!! I think there's something so whimsical about the squirrel bag!! Enjoy it!
  10. Congrats- the squirrels are so cute!
  11. Thanks ladies... :ty:
    Saich2, you are always the sweetest!:love:
    baglady.1- yeah, it does take quite a while for me to get it and finally it is here!
    eyfma- yes, the squirrel IRL is simply stunning! i fell in love when i first saw it and i know that i have to have it! the workmanship is wonderful and you should quickly add the squirrel spy into your collection!:devil:
  12. It's really pretty! Looks like a perfect bag for spring and summer as well!
  13. Thanks Roxana. There's no four season in my country and through out the year is like summer:beach: So i guess i pick the right "summer bag":biggrin: will post modeling picture soon:graucho:
  14. congratulations! what a great bag, enjoy her.
  15. My favourite squirrel spy. The right spy for me since i'm quite a girlie girl:girlsigh:
    me and my bag=) 001.JPG me and my bag=) 003.JPG