Tactful Way To Mention Cigarette Smell On Auction

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  1. Can someone tell me what might be a nice way to say that a handbag has a slight cigarette smoke smell. I don't really know how to mention that and not turn people off and I realize some will be, but it's not bad - I just feel that it should be mentioned.
    Please help!
  2. Before you list it, it is possible to get rid of the smell? Dry-cleaning or something...?
  3. It's leather. I have a dryer sheet inside the bag and feel like it will eventually fade away but don't know what else to do. I can also get the smell out of the sleeper bag by air-dryer. It's not bad but to a non-smoker, you never know. I passed up a LV due to a light smoke smell and gave it to my sister. There is no smell what-so-ever on the bag now. I guess it just faded away and I wish that I had kept the bag for myself.
    I think I may not mention it for a few days and work on it myself. I can always add that to the auction later if it's still there.
    Thanks for the suggestion - drycleaners sounds like the place to try if nothing else works.
  4. I respect the fact that you will disclose the cigarette smell in the listing. Every seller should if it applies.

    Just tell the truth......the bag does have a slight cigarette smoke odor, just like you stated.

    Like you said you will probably lose out on some non smoking buyers, but ALL potential buyers will appreciate and respect you are being honest. Let the buyers know up front, that way there are no surprises for them and no headaches for you if they're not happy.

    I don't think you'll have any trouble........good luck!
  5. Or maybe you can hold it outside(like on the balcony) for some time? When I go to a cigar shop I smell like an ashtray after and I just hang my jacket on the balcony for a while.
  6. Good on you for mentioning this! I wish more sellers were like you!

    I agree with bellafiore - great advice - and I think that should cover it. You don't want to put people off, you just want to give enough honest info to let people make their own decision.
  7. You're right. I just didn't know how to word it without making it sound terrible and it really isn't that bad. I used to smoke and I think after you quit, you actually hate the smell worse than a person who never smoked. Thanks for all your suggestions and you all are right. I know there will be a zillion questions coming regarding how bad it is but the buyer does have a right to know all things up front.
    Thanks again for helpful advice. :tup:
  8. You definitely need to mention it for full disclosure. It will be a deal breaker for some, but you don't want someone to get it who can't or does not want to handle the smell. That could lead to them returning it for not as described.
  9. can you mention it in a light hearted way ? not sure how though . Something like ....dosen't smell like an ashtray but does have slight odour .
  10. I think a tactful way to mention it is just as you stated - handbag has a slight cigarette smoke smell. HUGE credit to you for being honest! I'm sure you will save yourself hassle in the long run.

  11. Perhaps along the lines of..

    'this household used to be a smoking household but is now non-smoking and has been for x months. If you are very sensitive to any hint of cigarette smell, then this may not be the bag for you.'

    I agree it is best to mention it.
  12. Cigarette's smell impregnates so much bags? And it doesn't go away even if you let the bag to fresh air for a period? Can't believe this...
  13. I would just mention the bag was from a smoking household. You will definitely lose some non smoking buyers but better to tell the truth.
  14. I wouldn't call it an odor...that sounds nasty.
    I'd say it smells sightly of cig smoke. it is great you are disclosing!:tup:
  15. Can you just say something like" While this item is not from a non smoking household, I have done my best to insure that it doe not have smoking odor." Probably a better way to phrase that... or maybe just not mention it at all? I got a fabulous bag from Italy that arrived here with smoke smell but just aired it out out on my outside balcony for a few days and put but a box of Baking Soda inside. It's fine now!!!!
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