taco's Mixed Up Collection

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  1. Here are some of my bags, I want my collection to magically grow into baggaholics! sooooooo envious am I. There are some older Dior, Gucci & Falchi things, They are from the mid eighties & falchi was just starting. His bags are buffalo & have held up amazingly! They look & feel so supple, I love them.
    I had another vintage tapestry duffle from Dior, but a lady stopped me on the street when I was on vacation & she had to have it. She ended up paying me enough for my new black Gucci overnighter & another night in Paris.this was before the big comeback of the Dior logo bag & everyone wanted Dior vintage.I love that woman!
    Hope you enjoy my collection. Hope I do this right.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Welcome and thanks for sharing!
  3. welcome to PF, cute collection
  4. Great collection, welcome to tPF!!
  5. Welcome..thanks for sharing your stuff..love the vintage fendi.. round bag thingy.. its too adorable
  6. welcome to the PF... your collection is great! thanks so much for sharing!
  7. Very cute, I especially love the lady Dior bag !
  8. Very nice collection! I love the Dior vintage bags... funny story of your Dior bag, it must have been a reaaally nice bag:amuse:
  9. wonderful collection, i like the dior bag.
  10. Thanks, you guys are sweet. I can't help be jealous of all of you though & I wouldn't turn your back on me if I were you... I'd probably grab your purse & run!
    I love my Lady too. I'm kind of afraid to take it out though, I'm really tough on bags. Does anybody know if I can treat it with that apple guard protectant? I'm so glad I found this place, I never even heard of apple guard until now. My S.A. never told me, not even when I bought my luggage. I haven't used any of the bags yet, so I'm going to treat the vachetta asap.
  11. Fabulase.
  12. Welcome! Very nice collection!
  13. You people & your Speedy love! You have infected me, I did my last minute panic shopping before the price hike & wasn't planning on gettig a speedy but your love of them made me take a look & ... I fell in love!!
    :heart: :love:
    I had forgotten how much I used my Dior & how much I loved it, you have created a monster, I must have more Speedy's! A white MC would be nice.......:biggrin:
  14. Ooooh & the wapity love, forgot about the wapity love, I caught that too.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    What a great little bag:love:
  15. Taco, I love your collection!! Plus, you are funny, which we all love..