Taco Bell ad star Gidget the Chihuahua dies at 15

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  1. Source

    May she rest in peace!
  2. No more, "Yo Quiero Taco Bell".
    The beloved pooch has died.

    Read more about it here.
  3. Wow a stroke? I guess he really wanted Taco Bell. Hehe

    Let's hope he didn't go "south" of the border. *pours out liquor*
  4. Awe, poor lil dude.
    Now, yo quiero taco bell!!
  5. YES!!!...i mean awwww...:sneaky: now it's time for my little valentino to be the new taco bell chihuahua

    do we think he's taco bell material?




  6. OMG TOO CUTE!! You should send in his photos!! For starters, he's a HE!! The Taco Bell dog was a girl!! Pretending to be a boy in the commercials because she would always google at the other female dogs :lol:. Or maybe she was just a lesbian dog who liked to be dressed as a boy?? :lolots:
  7. awww, adios amigo~
  8. Awww..I remember her very well. Poor, sweet little Gidget :cry:..May she Rest In Peace :heart:
  9. He looks like he'd be able to pull the part off! :smile:
  10. I always liked those commercials.

    There comes a time for us all...

    P.s.-mrodriquez2006, your dog is cute!
  11. do you have any of him in a sombrero? :biggrin: hes such a cuttie!
  12. I think I will have Taco Bell for lunch.
  13. I always liked the commercials; they made me smile. :smile:

    15 is a good life for a chihuahua.........RIP.......
  14. Awww! Poor little guy.

    mrodriquez2006, Your chi is beautiful! I have two long haired. :love:
  15. Wow I just realized. That means he was 105?!