Taco Bell & a Worm in my Salad

  1. I must admit that I am a fast food junkie! Last night, I ordered a taco salad with no refried beans at Taco Bell. I had two or three bites of of my salad left when I noticed a worm in my salad! It was less than an inch in length. I was completely disgusted.

    My boyfriend called the store and asked to speak with the manager. The manager didn't really care or believe us and asked for us to return to the restaurant with the worm. We brought the worm back to the restaurant where all he could really do was refund us the money we spent on our meal there.

    I always hear horror stories from Taco Bell, but after seeing that worm, I will never eat there again.:tdown:

    Does anyone here have any fast food horror stories?
  2. Gross!:yucky::throwup: My DS's love Burger King but I don't so when we do go, one has the chicken tenders and the other has a cheeseburger and I don't get anything! I'm not really a fast food junkie and luckily, we haven't had any horror stories to report but after reading about this and the other thread where someone found an unopened condom in their BK sandwich , http://forum.purseblog.com/up-to-the-minute/vt-customer-sues-burger-king-after-finding-unwrapped-217315.html, you can bet we won't step foot in any fast food joint again. Subway?
  3. One thing..I REFUSE to eat Taco Bell and most other fast food places...and secondly I would have seriously thrown up if that happened to me. How dare the manager not care? I would be totally pissed...
  4. OH no!! That is gross for sure and it makes me sad....I LOVE LOVE LOVE taco bell!! lol its my fav trash food...I do not eat it often but I do love it.
  5. Aww, all they were doing was trying to boost your protein intake for the day!
  6. Lol
  7. Ugh
  8. I'd have kept that thing and sued their @$$es off!
  9. My boyfriend went back and showed them the worm and they took it away from him so that other customers wouldn't see.

    :lol: I prefer to have my protein come from another source!
  10. They took it away so you wouldn't have any proof to sue their @$$es! What kind of worm was it? I may never eat at Taco Bell again...
  11. Yeah, I am now officially done with TB (even though I LOVE it)
  12. At least the manager didn't offer a lifetime of free taco hell as compensation! :throwup:

  13. I don't know what kind of worm it was but it was a little less than an inch in length and about a milimeter in width. It was a light brown/grayish in color so it blended well with the ground beef.

    My boyfriend and I thought the worm was a nasty peice of ground beef at first but inspected it more closely and saw it's eyes!!! The worm also got a little smooshed while we were transporting it back to Taco Bell and verified that it was in fact a warm when we saw some of it's guts out.


    The manager at Taco Bell didn't understand much english and told us to call 1800 Taco Bell. We spoke with a customer service representive who was very understanding but couldn't really do much about the situation.
  14. I was going say, it might have been wise to just have eaten it for all the protein insects contain.
  15. yet another reason not eat fast food.