Tacky, or no?

  1. I want your honest opinion here, I was at the Gucci store in Atlantic City last night and saw this bag in the back, in the luggage department Gucci.

    It was the PERFECT size for what I carry on any given day and the front pockets would be so functional for me. I also like that it has a magnetic closure, as opposed to the "New Britt" large tote, and the "Abbey" large tote which I've been eyeing but DO NOT have closure. Now, do you think it would be tacky to use as a "purse" even though it's listed as a "luggage" item?

    What do ya think?
  2. Im not really a fan of gucci but I dont think its tacky.
  3. Its not tacky..But I do prefer the Britt tote to it more...

  4. Your stuff never falls out? :shrugs: I love the Britt tote too but I hate having an exposed opening. I know, I am probably being silly, but knowing me, something important will fall out. :push:
  5. i have the abbey tote and my stuff has NEVER fallen out of it! If you keep the leather straps buttoned together then its pretty much shut, and because of the shape going in at the top it would be almost impossible to gain access into the bag whilst its being held.!
    i completely love this bag!

    by the way! i competely forgot to answer your question im so sorry! !
    I Love the look of this bag though! its very... eye catching! id certainly be drawn to it! go for it if you want it!

  6. Omg, are you kidding me. I LOVE THAT!!! :drool:

    I give thumbs UP to using it as a purse. Lots of the luggage pieces are not big enough to carry any real "traveling" items, this is another one. Pleeease get it. :nuts:
  7. And its only $595, damn you. :roflmfao:

    This is the deal of the century, and Im on purse ban. Im already eyeing some gucci shades for $320. Im gonna have to miss the boat on this one. Damn damn damn!!!! :cry:
  8. nothing falls out of the Britt tote..I love the bag!
  9. I don't think it's tacky. If it works for you.. go for it!
  10. aye, aye, aye... both would be fabulous! :p
  11. I like it.
  12. It's perfect as a day bag, you could put a smaller purse/clutch in it to pull out if you were leaving the office, etc for a quick errand and did not want to carry the entire bag. One womans luggage is another womans purse. I would not use it as luggage b/c of the size...as a purse, hands down the perfect size.