Tacky or .........just too much?

  1. How tacky would it be to wear a Constance belt with the gold buckle while carrying a Constance bag with a gold lock?

    I'm thinking one or the other but not both. Which then limits the possibilities for holding my pants up...............
  2. Go for both ~ it would look great IMO.
  3. Personally I would wear one or the other and not both, but I tend to be a minimalist...
  4. You could rock it D! :yes:
  5. Shopmom, personally no, but I think you could pull it off; how about a modeling pic, and then we vote...hello, hold on a sec...hold the phone...have you added a Constance to the mix? :nuts:
  6. I would also just do one or the other. Together, wouldn't it be too matchy-matchy?
  7. I agree with Orchids - let's see a modeling shot and then we'll let you know!
  8. ^^^It could be a bit too matchy matchy....but it might not....why don't you take a pic and show us ??
  9. Sounds a bit too matchy match, but I agree with the others, we need pictures, it might depend on the colors, or on the size of the bag... I don't know, I have to see.
  10. I agree that perhaps it may be a bit much. IMO
    what about a pretty scarf as a belt or the Hermes belt?
  11. I agree we need a pic!
  12. Waiting for the hunky Johnny-look-alike FEDEX man to show up...... I swear if I wasn't so besotted with him I'd take his picture!
  13. maybe I'd better get out of my jammies first.......
  14. I would probably not do it shopmom. I have never been a fan of the matchy-matchy look. And it's a bit too much advertisement. But modeling pix might help change my mind. :smile:
  15. aaaaa......I'm leaning toward no belt at all. I'll just take my chances my pants will remain at the waist and not around my tush.