"Tacky Fabulous"

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  1. OMG, The Bag Lady posted this bag today, and my first reaction is "ew," but then it's "ooo!" It seems everyone else is having that problem too!


    That color is already sold out on eBags (it's only $89) but it comes in copper, silver, & topaz too.

    The Bag Lady's post:

    I know this bag is a little bit 'Daisy Duke goes to Vegas', but I can't help but love it regardless. Western detailing and metallics aren't two trends I'd ever suggest combining, but Kathy Van Zeeland has got away with it. If you like your stuff tacky fabulous, the bag is $89 at eBags.
  2. Ohhhhhhh is all i can say . With the right outfit i guess it could work
  3. I'm from west Texas, so of course I love it, but it would take a certain outfit and personality!
  4. OH nooo...not my cup of tea
  5. :weird:
  6. lol. it is quite an eye opener.
  7. kathy van zeeland usually makes me wanna hurl.
  8. The blue is a beautiful color....
  9. Yeah it is Issmom... if only I had an outfit that color, hehe!
  10. I love it!! It looks like a funky-fun purse to go out with.
  11. Hmmm...


    I think it's not my style :-P