Tackiest Auctions!

  1. Maybe the stove comes with the bag?:p
  2. Nice. I love the dirty kitchen floor.
  3. wow
  4. Hey, that's my auction!

    Kidding. :rolleyes:
  5. Oh wow :yucky: ... ya know, you might make a bit more off your auctions if you try to make it look like you cherish your bags! I don't want a bag that someone sits on the stove or a dirty floor. Makes you think the bag will be dirty when you get it.
  6. YIKES!:wtf:
  7. Eeeeew.
  8. It looked to me like it was a guy holding up the bag, so if it's a guy selling it what do you expect? *L* Most guys could care less.
  9. Just about as bad as some auctions I have seen where they set the bag on the toilet......lol
  10. LMAO :roflmfao:

    Its funny, because anytime anyone posts a picture anywhere, I always look in the background of the picture. lOL
  11. & I can't believe you have to email her first before you bid LOL!!!

  12. Oh My Gosh!! are you serious? on the toilet!! where's the common sense?
  13. gross . . . now u know who not to buy the bag off of.
  14. put me off! :yucky: