TACHIKOMATIC, My Coca Cola Tokidoki Trexi is HERE!!!

  1. Big shout out to Tachikomatic who brought this lovely little vinyl to my attention as I am a Tokidoki lover and a Coke FANATIC! What a great little vinyl to place between my classic Coca Cola bottles that I got from the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. Without further adeiu...

    Only 80 made.....all the way from Singapore....the Coca Cola Tokidoki Trexi!!!!
    100_0934.jpg 100_0935.jpg 100_0936.jpg
  2. YAY!!!!!!! :tup::yahoo: It's really cute!!! I'm glad you're happy with it!! :biggrin:
  3. I got one from eBay too last week. It's really super cute, isn't it?:balloon:
  4. o wow! that's super cutee, congrats!!!
  5. its soooooo cute!! i wants one!! you're so lucky!!
  6. It's adorable =) I love Coca Cola to! I can't stop drinking it, I swear it's like liquid drugs.
  7. OMG it's so cute, I want one lolz. No no must get my Moz first haha.
  8. Thanks everyone. Now that I have the Adios & Ciao Ciao vinyls and this...I think I might back track and get Mozarella and maybe Sandy.
  9. Aww that's super kyoot!!! :p
  10. arent they cute?? I got my package last week too. I was wondering how to put the bottle on his hand, it was difficult to twist at first, I was a bit scared that the arm would come off. thank god it didnt. congrats!!
  11. omg...its so cute. i saw one on eBay the other day. i want to get one...i luv coke. hopefully i will be able to get one when i finally have money. so happy for those who have one.
  12. Awww! it's so cutee!
  13. i got one too! I just put the top of the bottle in its hand... I want to get the standard red one next :heart: there's also a couple other trexis in this series I want. They're so cute!
  14. :nuts:CONGRATS!! That trexi is super cute!! I didnt know they had a tokidoki one!! I knew they had Coca-Cola ones but.. there's a tokidoki one too?!?! Insane!! How much did you get it for? Wow.. only 80 made.. I want it for my small toki trexi collection!