Table for 3 Please for me, my hubby and Hermes please!

  1. okay I wanna hear stories, advice and laughs.

    Here are some things I wanna hear about:

    how paranoid are you? When I go to dinner...I never EVER put my birkin on the floor. I always try to get a table for I can put my bag right by me!

    how do you guys travel with your Hermes?

    Do you sometimes NOT take your bag out to keep it safe? When I go to dinners sometimes and I know the restaurant will be full...I just don't bring any of the Hermes bags!

    When you do take your birkin, kelly to dinner do you constantly watch it to make sure its okay and the server doesn't spill anything on it!

    am I the only crazy :hysteric: one in here!
  2. I don´t think your crazy at all! It´s an H bag! I watch my LV´s too at restaurants etc.
  3. I only have one, so I am fairly 'precious' about it. I don't put in on the floor (I have never done with any bags that I have owned except for my Longchamp).

    I do travel with my Kelly. She has her very own Longchamp tote for those occasions from which she may need to be protected.....

    I pat her occasionally......
  4. I use one of those purse hangers on occassion, but there are times when I have no choice but to set it on the floor. I use a Longchamp Pliages for travel to house my bags.
  5. G~that's not crazy at all.
    I carry a purse hanger in my bag just for those situations when I cannot get a 4-person table.
    My DS already know to keep an eye on my birkin if I am turned away from it -- isn't that sick??!!
  6. The 3 michelin star restaurant I went to at the Le Meurice hotel in Paris has a little stool just for ladies' purses...actually most or all 3 michelin star restaurants will have a purse stool for you. And the funniest thing is the restaurant at Le Meurice, the little stool is made by none other than HERMÈS!!! Here's a photo of it, you can't really tell it's Hermès...but I saw the Hermès logo and the "Made in France" stamp on the wood. I should have taken a better pic of it..:s

  7. ^Wow, wouldn´t mind that stool:yes: Great idea of a restaurant too! Btw; your clutch is beautiful, Chanel?
  8. I love that stool -- what a great picture and a lovely clutch as well! Occasionally, at restaurants, I stop paying attention to the conversation and my eyes drift over to my bag just to check up and make sure that it is safe and enjoying its placement. At this point, all of my friends know that I am not going to be comfortable until my bag is as well, so they always take the time to comfortable situate the bag before the meal begins so that everyone (I) can relax.....we all have accept over friends litlle neuroses! They do the same for my Hermes coats as well and are more careful with them they I ever would be -- coats are easily cleaned.
  9. oh good! how do you guys bring it on the plane? do you leave your hermes in the hotel?

    and when I get up to go to the rr to freshen up....I am like honey purse watch it. he knows I mean WATCH it. haha.
  10. yeah and I just kinda know places not to bring my hermes bag...because its a nice restaurant but like NY when all the tables are close together...and there is nowhere to put your birkin except the ground and I will not do that!
  11. They have that same type of stool at the Mario's new restaurant in NYC in the meatpcking district...can't remember the name right now. I was out with some folks from work and had my Chanel with me. They immediately brought over the little stool for me to set my bag on.
    I have vowed not to eat at any restaurant without a special seat for my purse.
    BTW, the dinner was fabulous. Those of you in Manhattan, definitely try it out!
  12. wow! I wish all nice restaurants had that.
  13. ^^ Del Posto is the restaurant. (Mario's new one)
  14. I am with you on this one! When I go out for lunch during the work week, I actually just take my Bearn wallet and leave the Birkin locked up in my office - lol!
  15. I know...the stool was beautiful...probably cost more than my clutch! And yes, that's my perforated timeless clutch by Chanel :heart:.

    I wish ALL restaurants would have a little stool for our babies...;)