Tabac with GH! Anyone?!

  1. I was at the Bal store here and saw a Tabac bag with GH and was swooning :drool: I didn't expect it to be such a gorgeous burnt red/brick colour! It really looks fantastic with gold GH. Anyone here have any tabac with gold GH? Do you mind posting pics?! I'm considering it now.. But I really should wait for the Jaune to come out.. :push:
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'd love to see this combo too! Actually, I'm interested in the SGH combo with Sienna. I think it would be an amazing contrast.
  3. I would've taken pics of the one I saw in the store but no camera! :sad: It really looks GREAT with gold hardware! Looks like no PF-ers have sienna/tabac with G/S GH yet.. You should get one to add to your fab collection ;)
  4. Yes yes...I'd love to see pics:yes: Sounds like some fabulous combos.
  5. I'm intrigued by this combo too!
  6. I found this on .. it's quite a bad representation of what tabac looks like! Unless their tabac is not as scrummy looking as the one I saw :sad:
    What I saw was a more reddish brown.. Really brick-y. Hmm!
  7. this combo sounds interesting to me too... I've always thought that GGH looks better on browns so be interesting to see what SGH looks like on browns... although I saw SGH the other day IRL and I'm a little disappointed that I cancelled my Plomb PT SGH...