Tabac/Sienna GGH Brief!! Pics

  1. Thought I'd share with my lovely ladies of the Bal sub-forum my sister's beautiful Tabac Brief since I havent seen a tabac GGH brief in the forum (correct me please if i'm wrong).

    ITs gorgeous in real life and the leather is divine - so soft and thick! Thinking of getting one myself!!:heart::wtf:

    Never thought I'd like the brief, let alone with the Giant hardware - but the combo is amazing adn the color is stunning. The bag literally glows! :yahoo:

    Enjoy the Pictures.

    My sister does apologize for the modelling pic. She's wearing her PJ's! :roflmfao:
    brief1.jpg brief2.jpg brief3.jpg brief4.jpg brief5.jpg
  2. wow ive never seen this combo before, it's really nice! congrats to your sister!
  3. more pics
    brief6.jpg brief7.jpg
  4. I LOVE this combo.!!!!! Thanks so much for the modeling pictures. It looks great on you- I think you should get one too:yes:
  5. Holy $#%@!!!!! I can't get over how thick the leather is on this bag!!!!! Wow!!!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!! Congrats to your sis!!!!
  6. I LOVE Sienna! Looks great in the Brief! I can't wait to see it in the Step.
  7. I LOVE that combo too!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!! It's fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  8. wow.. that bag has some awesome leather!! Congrats to your sister :wlae:
  9. Absolutely STUNNING! I can't get over the leather-it's TDF!!
  10. Wow...The leather is really nice...Love it...Congrats
  11. OMG! That's gorgeous! The color combo is really pretty. And thanks for the modeling pics. It looks great even with jammies!
  12. Congrats:yahoo: i wish the Brief looked good on me too.:sad:
  13. I am loving Sienna more and more! It's TDF with the GGH! And the brief style is also growing on me...thanks so much for sharing pictures!
  14. WOW! The color combo and leather are GORGEOUS!
  15. Incredible bag - I love it!!!