TABAC/Cinnamon/Sienna isn't ugly. Proof inside.

  1. Hola ladies! Now I know there has been a lot of underwhelming emotions for this pre-season's colors. :tdown:

    I myself wasn't at all excited when I saw another PFer post some of this season's pics from BalNY. Tabac is the only color thus far that as caught my attention - hardly if even that.

    When I received her today from Aloha Rag, I was amazed at the richness and versatility of this color! Not as much a chameleon as Anthracite, but this baby can be brown, burnt orange AND bordeaux-like! :tup:

    How is the leather you ask?! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The girls at AR said that this one had the very best leather they have seen in awhile from Balenciaga. It's thick, yet so soft. :okay:

    Dare I say reminiscent of 2005? Dare I ever!

    If you decide to call AR, speak to Seiko. She's honest and so sweet.

    Introducing the Tabac First...
    tabac 1.JPG tabac 2.JPG tabac 4.JPG tabac 5.JPG
  2. WoWsers... very pretty & great pics.. cute nails too~!
  3. More.
    tabac 6.JPG tabac 3.JPG
  4. [​IMG]
    What a beautiful bag! I love the colors!!! You're right - NOT UGLY!
  5. i LOVE the title of this thread! hehe...i agree...that is a gorgeous bag!
  6. I love it!!!! A gorgeous neutral, perfect for fall! Congrats!:yahoo:
  7. It so rich looking, like dark caramel :nuts:
  8. Like dark Caramel indeed! There is so much depth to this color, I can't explain it.

    I wish you all could molest my Tabac to see just how soft yet thick her skin is...
  9. beautiful!!! and I believe u about the leather because the I felt one of those very thick and soft, smooshy 07 prefall leathers and it was unlike anything I had ever felt! It really was AMAZING as is ur tabac/sienna!
  10. beautiful!! what an incredible depth of color - nice :tup:
  11. Absolutely gorgeous bag!!

    Great photography skills too!
  12. It looks great! It is the saddle brown that I was hoping it would be. Thanks for posting your pics.
  13. i absolutely LOVE this colour!:heart: it is a gorgeous bag and will only get better with age. Congrats!!
  14. It looks rich and luscious! congrats!
  15. Very pretty color!!