ta ta!

  1. After several rude and rather unsettling pm's I am leaving the forum. Best to everyone, I really see no need to be a member of a forum that uses its "status" to dictate to its members.
  2. Pinkpalm if you've been receiving rude PM's please pass them onto Vlad, Megs or the Mods. I'm sorry that you've been receiving these.
  3. I agree.
    If you are getting mean PM's w/o provoking people then we need to know.

    But sometimes it is good to step away for a bit and clear one's head, so if you still feel that's the right thing to do, we'll still be here whenever you want to come back:yes:
  4. usually everyone here is really friendly ... were the PMs from 'trolls'?
  5. Sorry to see you're leaving!! Usually everyone around here is really friendly and super nice.

    I had a problem with one person a few months back but I just let it roll off my back because in the big picture....it's just someone on an internet message board and doesn't really make a difference in my life you know? Try not to let it get to you too much and definitely report it to a mod.

    Hope to see you back soon!!
  6. This is kind of a pointless post.If you have rude PM issues with anyone..Please notify a mod immediately.
  7. She is complaining about PMs that I sent her.

    Apparently she got offended by the warnings that I issued upon having received letters from a lawyer, prompting me to remove her false, defamatory accusations. I asked her kindly to stop presenting false facts that could get her in troubles with the law. She continued to share her wisdoms (that forced the lawyer to contact me again), I sent her a final warning. She didn't like that.

    I played nice, I cleaned up the mess and prompted her to stop getting us and herself in trouble.

    If you believe that you need to come here to present yourself as the victim and ask for sympathy from everyone, this is definitely the wrong place for you. Goodbye.
  8. SofaKing Banned at its best. =)
  9. Does this, by any chance, have anything to do with the Dr 90210 issues?

    And will we be able to talk about the show at all, ever, even to offer constructive criticism of the fashion choices of guests and regulars, past and present?