Ta daaa....my new Prada!

  1. So here are some pics of my new (a few months ago) handbag...I just love it. What do you all think? I think the size is perfect. I would love one in another color, any of you have the pushlock??
    pradabag.jpg pradainside.jpg pradatriangle.jpg
  2. I don't have one but congrats on ur first prada! I'm sure it won't be ur last!!!
  3. Lovely bag. Congratulations! Think it would look stunning in red......
  4. Great bag - congrats!
  5. OMG I love that!!! Where did you get it? Congrats!! Post a modeling pic when you get a chance..!!
  6. Since you're new, I can't PM you, but well.......where did you get this?
  7. Uh oh. Does that suggest something's not quite right? Oh I hope not....
  8. :s
  9. Everything is fine and yes you can send a message to me if you wanted...I would love this purse in green or red, or navy blue! I know it comes in a camel color and white, but I could never own a white purse. I have enough trouble with white t shirts! Lol...

    I am glad you all like it! Thanks!
    Now I am searching for a plaid handbag I saw someone had on the thurway stop. I should have asked her what it was....
  10. Hey Emmy I am from Syracuse TOO!!!!
    Darn hot here this week compared to Cape Cod last week!
  11. Nice bag -- love the pebbled leather.
  12. Congratulations.