ta-da, she's here, introducing miss rive gauche

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  1. welp, i finally think i've found my perfect YSL & here she is :love:...i'm absolutely in love with this one & picked her up @ "Saks" tonight...the color is gorgeous & the leather is totally soft & floppy :smile:...i had a hard time getting her to stand up for her pictures because of it :P
    DSCF3682 REV.jpg DSCF3670 REV.jpg DSCF3687 REV.jpg DSCF3664 REV.jpg
  2. Wear it well!
  3. Woohoo aaallabama, what a gorgeous and fantastic bag. Congratulations!

    I truly love it, might have to put it on my Christmas wish list.
  4. Yeah!!!! Congrats aaallabama! I'm so glad you love it. Very pretty. I love the slouchiness; gives it a sort of glam casual elegance!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    It looks like the color is lighter than I expected--more medium "milk chocolate" as opposed to the "dark chocolate" Muse, huh? Do the handles fit over your shoulder?

    God, I've been obsessing over the Rive Gauche since I first saw a pic of it in early July...:love:
  5. yeppers, she's a milk chocolate girl, all the waaaaaaaaay :love:...i absolutely love everything about this bag...the color, the leather, the slouchiness, the size, the weight :tender:...and because of her long handles, she fits so comfortably on my shoulders...and with her cool shape & smooshy leather, she rests perfectly against my side...i think this baby should be on everyone's wish list ;)...thanks so much for lovin' my bag girls!!!
  6. aaa!!! yowza!! :nuts: what a great buy!!! congrats on your gorgy new bag!!!! she looks scrumptious!!!:wlae:

    (are you cheating on your b-bags??????) :busted
  7. Oooh this is so pretty, congrats ! :yes:
  8. I agree 100 %
    great colour
    and I promise you- you'll love it more every day- so do I with mine..
    It's a classic- a great bag
  9. yeppers, i'm guilty of cheating on my b-bags as charged (lol!!!) :angel::graucho::sweatdrop:...i wore her out today for the 1st time & i'm more in love with her than ever :love:...if i didn't have so many black bags, i'd buy another one in black (i love the green, but i haven't seen one here in nyc :sad:)...thanks to all of you for the nice compliments...i really think this is the perfect YSL bag for everyone ;)
  10. Wow, what a beauty. That is going to be so perfect for this fall/winter. Enjoy and congrats!!!
  11. aaallabama, congrats! You cheated on your b-bags!??LOL! But that bag i soo exquesite! I love the color, it is sooo stunning! Congrats, wear it well!
  12. I love that color....the "milk chocolate" shade gives it something extra special!
  13. She is one gorgeous handbag! Congrats, Aaalabama!
  14. I love that you can wear it on your shoulders and messenger style too and it's more classic than trendy !
  15. Wow, that is a truly gorgeous bag. The leather just looks delectable! And I love the way the soft gold hardware looks against the milk choco color! Congratulations!!
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