Ta-da! My collection!

  1. I have finally figured out how to upload photos on this site so I am proud to present my collection/family and their accessories! Enjoy the eye candy!
    103.JPG 105.JPG
  2. Nice collection lots of super cute pieces
  3. great collection! congrats!!!
  4. Great collection!!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Wow! LoVe them all! :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  6. Great collection! I love everything in it including that horsebit. Lovely
  7. great collection....
  8. love yr collection...:tup:
  9. Nice collections :tup: Cowhide of your Speedy still so light, wow.
  10. Sweet
  11. Great pieces! Especially love your red Vernis wallet (apologize for not knowing the names; been away from TPF for too long...)
  12. Very nice collection.:yes:
  13. love your rosewood ave. great collection!
  14. ~Thanx for the eye candy-yum yum:p~
  15. oohh!!!!! such a diverse and lovely collection.