Ta Da~Met Purple and I ^__^

  1. Here's my belated pix for 226 Metallic Purple :yahoo: This is the only one at my store, and my SA managed to hold it for me despite other's pressure, I love her :love: When she took it out for me, the entire store just focuse on this babe, hehe. This turn out to be the right size for me, was hoping for 227, but it's too much dose of purple for me to handle.

    PS. After we've all been spoile by Larkie's fantastic pix, please just concentrate on the bag :sweatdrop:
    Chanel Met Purple 4.JPG Chanel Met Purple 1.JPG
  2. Looks gorgeous on you and so does the belt! Congratulations!
  3. Hey CONGRATS!! Looks HOTT hot!! Can I ask you how tall are u!? My DH just bought mine 3 hrs ago in navy and I ain't seen it yet!!

  4. wow, Congrats!!! I'm 5'6", 168 CM
  5. WOWZA! Congrats on the metallic purple and :tup: on those modelling pictures! Your chanel belt goes surprisingly well with the reissue and I just love the entire pairing/get-up! :yes:
  6. the bag and belt look fab on you! i also think the 226 is a great size for you :yes:
  7. So tall! Mine is going to look massive on me as I am only 5ft 1 !!
  8. The bag is just perfect for you. I also love the belt. Congrat!
  9. The 226 looks so small on you, but I see you are taller than me so that's probably it. Congrats on your new beauty.
  10. Love it~!!
    The 226 looks great on you!! I'm on the short side so it looks sort of ridiculous on me lol
  11. congrat! looks great on u!
  12. congrats! looks great on u!
  13. Wow, that looks awesome on you! But it looks like a 225 to me? You look so tall and slim in that outfit. The belt goes great with the purple.
  14. I love the pairing of the Chanel belt and the purple reissue! It's a great-looking outfit. Congrats!
  15. Wow, you look so much taller than 5' 6"! The bag looks so nice on you, you are really tempting me into getting one even though I'm on a ban right now.

    * Love your Hello Kitty dehumidifer too~;)