ta da!!! I just got my lv and here's pics

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Congrats!!!...but we need more:graucho:
  3. YAY~~whats inside??
  4. not fair .. your teasing!!:yes:
  5. ok here's the bag [​IMG]
  6. YAY! :yahoo: Congrats latinamodel! Wear her in good health. I know how excited you were to receive her!
  7. Congrats , your baby is beautiful
  8. Congrats!!!nice piece!
  9. congrats!! now we need some modeling pics!
  10. Congratulations!!! I have the same bag which I bought about six months ago and it's still sitting in my closet. I am so afraid it will get dirty if I use it. :p
    Enjoy your new bag!
  11. I'm about to buy that bag next week
  12. Great bag. I got one for Xmas last year. it holds a tn of stuf. Congratz!
  13. :nuts: Can never go wrong with a Speedy. ENJOY!!!!
  14. Congrats! Yes please model it for us! I will do likewise when I can f i n a l l y get mine in March! Have you filled her up yet?! Are you wearing it around the house? lol
  15. K, I'll model it tomorrow!! Everyone told me to get the 30 but the 25 is big to me!! I love it