Ta Da!! Finally the Turnlock Black Bowler!

  1. Well here she is everyone!! I'm so glad that I ordered this bag. It's the perfect size and the leather is so soft!! Thanks everyone for looking out for this bag for me. You guys ROCK!! :yahoo:

    10-20-06 002.jpg

    10-20-06 003.jpg
  2. Yay!!! It looks great on you. Don't ya just love that leather?
  3. That color is gorgeous missypoo!! Congratulations!!:yahoo:
  4. Congrats!I love how the leather on this line felt when I was checking them out at Saks.
  5. I'm so jealous!! The leather even looks soft in the photo! Perfect size for you. Enjoy it in good health.:smile:
  6. Thanks so much!! I'm going to start using this bag tomorrow. Funny how I just keep smelling the leather. LOL!!
  7. Pretty - is it black or blue?
  8. Yaaayy! Congratulations, Melissa!!
  9. Thanks and it's the black color.
  10. Ahhh...thanks!! I'm just so glad everything went smoothly. :yahoo:
  11. That's really cute! I actually like this much more than the quilted bowler from his Collection line. For some reason, that clasp on the front of the quilted bowler that doesn't CLASP anything drives me nuts. I looks like a wart on the nose of a beautiful woman or something. I know that's one of his signature things, but it's SO STUPID that it is just stuck on there like that! That's why I don't like the Hudson too. :yucky:

    I've been looking for a black bag for a while now, MissyPoo. I might just have to think about this one. :graucho:
  12. Congrats! that bag is deliciously smooshy and light! I love it!
  13. :party:

    IT LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats missypoo, I'm sooooo entirely happy for you!!
  14. Prada Psycho - you gotta get one!!

    Janice - the leather is absolutely great! Thanks.

    Jen - thanks so much for the sweet compliments!!
  15. broken record, i know, but it looks amazing on you! wear it in good health!