T3 Straighten Or Curl Iron Vs Chi Irons

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  1. Hi Gals,
    I boughta t3 rounded plate iron and I'm not satisified with the results!! the hir dryers are excellent but the the iron that I purchased dosen't work very well. My CHI iron works a lot better than the T3. What hair iron works best for you?
  2. I personally use a Fusion iron in the salon. It is a professional line and not readily available for consumer use.
    The T3 has very cheap internal components and is not worth $3.00. The CHI Iron is the product of mass marketing. It has been so hyped and quite frankly Farouk did a great job at selling a cheap iron for a ton of money! I positively must give them their props! They did change the face of the appliance industry with a cheap product!
    What I like about the Fusion line is that it comes from a company that has been making appliances for the beauty industry for 40 years. It's what they do. They design their own products (Well, I should say I help design their products) and own their own factories. Unlike the CHI products that come from a wet line company that bought an iron and put their name on it and then hyped the crap out of it. It does work decently but is so overpriced it's sickening! When you stop to figure that the thing costs about $1.00 to make!
    What I like about Fusion is that it is a fusion of all the latest technologies.....thus the name Fusion!
    Ceramic: using a far infrared heat to heat the hair from the inside out for faster results and less contact time of the heat to the hair.
    Tourmaline: The only gemstone to produce it's own Ion to close the cuticle and retain moisture. It also eliminates odors from the hair
    Nano Technology: for smooth use without pulling.
    Nano Silver: to disinfect and cleanse.
    Gemstone Technologies: Each different gem stone serves a different purpose.
    Floating plates: for easy, even tension.
    Rheostatic control: to choose the appropraite temp.
    Pulse Technology: It retains the chosen temp without fluctuation for even results.
    Beveled Edges: eliminates ridges.
    Temperatures up to 430* (at least 400*F is needed to close the hair's cuticle on contact)
    So, yeah....my choice Fusion Tools!
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    Oops I reposted

    I dont use irons in my hair, but, I know a lot of people that love this one. By Videl Sassoon
  4. Paul Mitchell's Smoothing Iron. i LOOOOVE it!

  5. I have a Chi and I love it! It does such a great job!
  6. I use a Chi. It really works wonders with my telephonewire-like hair. Makes it real smooth and silky. Although after reading ilikemike65's post, I'm ready to ask my stylist to get me Fusion instead lol. But for readily available, the Chi works great!
  7. My daughter uses a pink chi I bought for her at Christmas and is very happy with it.
  8. I think the Sedu and unil infrashine flat irons have been the best for me. Perfect hair with both! I can straighten or curl my hair with both. Leaves is perfectly smooth and full of shine without drying it out too much. I use both with Paul Mitchell skinny serum.
  9. GHD Professional 1.75" flat iron is AWESOME! I purchased mine from folica.com and am beyond satisfied with the results.
  10. I like Chi or GHD's. both are really great for me.
  11. i've been wearing my hair curly lately, but for the last year i've been positively addicted to my chi. it's the only thing that actually got my hair flat and silky. :love: although after reading about ilikemike's iron, i want one of those. :smile:
  12. i'm a hair stylist, and the one i use for my clients, as well on my self, is a HAI! it's truly the best .. chi's are nice as well .. but to me HAI is the best!
  13. This is the one that I use. I luv the Sedu flat iron. Its the only iron I've ever used that's actually worked through my thick poofy curly hair.[​IMG]
  14. I have a chi iron and I abosolutely LOVE it!
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